Meditation cover art

by Richard Rose
Paperback Edition

A unique, but sensible approach to meditation - a system that advises looking for traumatic instances of the past to bring about an understanding of your true Self. It answers the same questions asked by sages such as Ramana Maharshi and Gurdjieff, not to mention the same questions asked by all honest seekers.

(30 pp. booklet) PB

“...some or any action is better than just lying in the dichotomized channel of experience, always floundering between ecstasy and pain, between pleasure and the labor-payment, between pleasure and the activation of somatic genes that trend toward termination of the vehicle. Under the beautiful lawn are millions of bodies who cavorted thereon.”

“Certain sexual acts produce definite psychic reactions. Unfortunately most everyone fails to be aware that such reactions exist. Those who have never committed the unnatural act are not visited, and they see no reason to believe that anyone is visited. Those who have committed the act, are not going to admit anything if they can help it, and most of them defend all unnaturalness, hoping to bury their offense in the statistical corruption of other thousands, pointing to the percentage of sex-deviation discovered by Kinsey. This attitude would measure divine attitude by human incidence, and hope that a trend toward a universal practice would vindicate their diversion.”

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